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Apr, 2015
Department website was updated.

Feb, 2015

The inauguration ceremony was held for Lao-Japan Parasitology Lab. (Lao-SATREPS Project)

Jan, 2015
Shigeyuki Kano was assigned as president of Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine.

Oct, 2014
Shigeyuki Kano was awarded the "Award of Excellence" of Japanease Society of Tropical Medicine.

Emilie Masumoto-Takahashi was awarded the "Young Investigator Award" of Japan Association for International Health.

June, 2014
Moritoshi Iwagami was moved to Institut Pasteur du Laos and started the study of SATPEPS project. (Photo)

Feb, 2014
Dr. Masato Kasuga (President of NCGM) and Dr. Paul Brey (Director of Institut Pasteur du Laos) signed MoU between NCGM and IPL.

Dec, 2013
Shungo Kano was awarded the "Best Poster Presentation Award" of Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting (JITMM 2013, Bangkok, Thailand).

Oct, 2013
"Microsatellite DNA Analysis Revealed a Drastic Genetic Change of Plasmodium vivax Population in the Republic of Korea During 2002 and 2003"was published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Sep, 2013
"Identification of a Novel and Unique Transcription Factor in the Intraerythrocytic Stage of Plasmodium falciparum" was published in PLoS One.