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Tropical Medicine and Malaria

Research Topic

The mission of the Department are to contribute to the Global Health by the researches on tropical medicine and malariology.
Main target researches are:

Following specific research projects are being operated

Biology and pathophysiology of the infectious diseases of international concern
  • (a) Researches on the development of malaria vaccine
  • (b) Basic and clinical researches on malaria and other parasitic diseases
  • (c) Basic researches on water-borne infectious diseases in developing countries
Social technology development for controlling the diseases in developing countries
  • (a) Researches on global malaria and parasite control strategy
  • (b) Researches on the control of water/food-borne infectious diseases in developing countries
  • (c) Evaluation of international health cooperation projects
Control of infectious diseases into Japan
  • (a) Researches on health development of international travelers
  • (b) Researches on the control of imported malaria/parasitic diseases
  • (c) Researches on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for parasitic disease

Main Staff

Director Shigeyuki Kano
Chief, Section of Malariology Kanako Komaki-Yasuda
Chief, Section of Tropical Medicine Shigeyuki Kano
Senior Research Fellow Moritoshi Iwagami(lay-off)
Kazuhiko Yano
Research Fellow Emilie Louise Akiko Matsumoto
Shungo Kano
Research Assistant Masami Nakatsu
Akihiro Doi
Hitomi Okusa
Yoshiko Shibata
Naomi Ohama
PhD Student Vincent Jeanne Perpetue
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Diabetes Research Center
The Research Center for Hepatitis and Immunology
Project Research
National Center for Global Health and Medicin