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Akihiro Doi, 2nd grade Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba

In my research life on Biochemistry of master's coarse,

I was increasingly motivated to handle in vivo experiments.
That's why I joined this laboratory.

Though in vivo experiments are very difficult compared with chemical experiments,
I got impressed by the shape of cells or tissues.

This laboratory has strong connection with hospital. With its opportunity to hear the clinical case at the meeting, I got more aware of my research to be clinical approach.

While grateful chance of Life Science, I'm also taking a chance to deal with biochemical theme, such as detection of chemical compounds in serum by HPLC.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Water maze test GFP+ nerve cells in Hippocampus.(IHC)
  • Integration of HIV-1 at DNA double strands break site class=
  • Mode of respiratory distress by SARS-CoV
  • Autoantibodies in patients of collagen diseases
  • Novel peptide vector developed at NCGM
  • Retrotransposition of endogenous retroelements
  • Visualization of intracellular elements
  • Genomic instability by HIV-1 infection