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Stem Cell Biology

Research Topic

The major interest of our lab is to characterize the regulatory mechanisms of stem cell metabolism in normal tissue and in disease.

Stem cells reside within a specific microenvironment, called niche. Niche provides various regulatory molecules to maintain stem cells. We use a combination of mouse genetics, cell biology, single cell analysis and omics approaches to investigate the metabolism of various stem cells during tissue homeostasis, stress response and tumorigenesis. An integral understanding of stem cell metabolism regulated by niches will be important for innovative approaches to examine the cellular and molecular basis of diseases and aging as well as serving to characterize potential strategy of early diagnosis and therapy.

Main Staff

Project Director Keiyo Takubo
Research Fellow Hiroshi Kobayashi
Takayuki Morikawa
Daiki Karigane
Shinpei Tamaki
Mayoko Tsuji
Shintaro Watanuki
Research Assistant Miho Haraguchi
Trainee Ayumi Okinaga
Yukako Ootomo
Kiichi Yanagisawa
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