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Hepatitis Information Center

Research Topic

The appointed functions of the Hepatitis Information Center:

1.Information service
The Hepatitis Information Center collects and analyzes domestic and international information on the diagnosis, the treatment, the prevention for hepatitis and the improvement of the quality of life of patients, as well as information for hepatitis virus infections and their development, increases in severity and malignant transformation. We arrange our system to address a wide range of requests for information on hepatitis from any medical institutions.
2.For information-sharing and support among Central Medical Hospitals
We offer the latest domestic and international medical information to medical institutions in Japan and support for training or medical care to the Central Medical Hospitals for hepatic diseases throughout the country, which could enable to provide the same level of medical care among them.
3.Training function
The Hepatitis Information Center contributes to the healthcare training for professionals as well as informative services. We provide the curriculum and educational programs, which is aimed to share the same medical levels and advanced medical services, for laboratory technicians, nurses, physicians, coordinators, counselors and so on.

Main Staff

Director, Hepatitis Information Center Tatsuya Kanto, MD, PhD
Assistant Director of The Research Center for Hepatitis and Immunology Junko Tanaka, PhD
Chief Masaaki Korenaga, MD, PhD
Senior Research Fellows Taiji Yamazoe, MD, PhD
Yasue Takeuchi, MD, PhD
Assitant Clerk Hiromasa Nikkuni
Hiroto Nakagami
Ayako Uozumi
Miho Shimizu
Secretary Yuko Hatano
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