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Stem Cell Biology

Research Topic

The majority of cells that make up the human body are blood cells. Our laboratory studies blood cells to understand how they are produced, how they function, and how they end their cellular life span. We are particularly interested in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which can differentiate into all blood cell types. In mammals after birth, HSCs reside in the bone marrow. In the bone marrow, HSCs are maintained in an undifferentiated state by their nearby microenvironment (niche) and can proliferate and differentiate as needed. The niche determines cell fate by regulating the metabolic state of HSCs. HSCs and niches are known to be impaired by various stresses and aging, resulting in various hematologic and nonhematologic diseases. A deeper understanding of HSCs and their niche will clarify the molecular mechanisms behind these diseases and individual aging.

To approach these issues, we are analyzing the interactions between HSCs and niches and their regulatory mechanisms by using advanced methods such as single-cell analysis, gene editing, real-time metabolic analysis, whole bone marrow analysis, and in vivo imaging.

Through these studies, we aim to elucidate the molecular mechanisms operating in physiological and pathological HSCs, develop stem cell maintenance and amplification technologies leading to regenerative medicine, understand various pathological conditions, and develop therapeutic strategies.

Main Staff

Project Director Keiyo Takubo
Staff Scientist Hiroshi Kobayashi
Takayuki Morikawa
Shintaro Watanuki
Technical Assistant/Lab Manager Miho Haraguchi
Shinpei Tamaki
Visiting Research Fellow Kohei Shiroshita (Keio University)
Shinya Fujita (Keio University)
Daiki Karigane (Stanford University)
Hidenori Kasahara (Osaka University)
PhD Student/JSPS Research Fellow Yuriko Sorimachi (Waseda University)
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